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The center for mastery over Astrology ! - Sri Agathiyar Nadi Jothida Nilayam

Koodal Azhagar Temple, Madurai. A granite wall surrounds the temple, enclosing all its shrines.

The temple has a five-tiered Rajagopuram, the gateway tower. There are total of Divya Desam or Vaishnavite Shrines in the country.

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But in only two of these shrines can one witness Lord Vishnu in all three postures — standing, sitting and reclining. The Koodal Alagar Temple is one of those two temples to have this unique feature. This temple is very important as the Tiruppallaandu, the first 12 verses of the Divyapprabhandhams, was sung by Periyalwar here in this temple praising the splendor of Azhagar. The temple is an ancient one and situated near the famous Meenakshi Amman Temple. For brief details, please refer below link;.

The Temple. Temple Opening Time. The temple remains open from 5. Pooja Timings. Pooja Name. Viswa Roopa Darshnam. Kaala Santhi. Upa Santhi.

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Transit predictions —analysesthe current positions of planets with respect to theirpositions inyour birth chart and makes predictions. Remedies —to the obstacle-creating specific problems in yourjathagam. Jathaka Porutham Use this feature to check themarriagecompatibility between any two individuals.

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Tamil Panchangam This feature gives dailyastrologicalparameters and lets you know the significantastrological timings. It can givevaluablehoroscope guidelines to your day-to-day activities in themosteffective way. Why wait? Install this app for your dailyastrologyin Tamil! Kili Josiyam - Parrot Astrology Future prediction 6. Parrot Astrology Kili Josiyam which is most famous inTamilnadu,is very useful to predict your Future.

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Based onTamilastrology, panchangam, Agathiyar astrology and AgathiyarArudam,the parrot can tell you the most accurate prediction foryourFuture. You can predict your future based on the card picked.

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Tamil Jathagam 2. Tamil Jathagam App provides the complete solution for all ourTamilAstrology needs. Get your Jathaga Kattam accurately within afewseconds, Features: Tamil Jothidam: Tamilians consider it as averyimportant and auspicious part of their day to day life.

Navagraha Palangal: We believe that our daily events arebased onNava Graha palangal. Computer Jathagam can be generated by enteringdate ofbirth and time of birth from this app. Weekly RasiPalan: Know how this week is for you and make plans togetsucceeded. This uses the specific number foreach letter with the baby's birthdate to calculate the best namenumber that will suit him.

Tamil speaking pople inTamilnadu and all over the worldcan get benefited with this freeJothidam app. This is a free TamilJathagam App that gives dailyGrahanilai. This will be useful throughout his lifeto find out his good andbad time. Piranda naal palangal: Birth DateNumber can predict yourfuture.

JothidaKattangal : Thisdetermines the fate of the individual living onthis planet. Zodiacsign can judge the character of a person. This freesoftware isyour personal Astrologer and can be downloaded.

The center for mastery over Astrology ! - Sri Agathiyar Nadi Jothida Nilayam

Tamil RasiNatchathiram combination makes a great impact to aperson's family,love, life, success , failure,health,growth,finance, prosperityand well being. Download this for free ofcost. Jathaga Porutham:Before selecting a bride or a groom we seeNachathira Porutham forthem. It is believed that a wedding lifewill be successful whenall the porutham are matching for the boyand the girl. MarriageMatching Horoscope is available in this appfor your convenience. We Tamilians are very much family oriented andwe put our firstpriority to our kith and kins.

Thirumana Porutham is seen tomake thispossible. Years and Years of togetherness and love isexpected in aKalyanam. We celebrate and conduct our wedding in avery grandmanner. Kalyana porutham determines how a bride and agroom will bethroughout their lifetime. We wish all our users getbenefited outof our app.

Planning according to the various changesin theJathagam to perform the right act at the right time can leadtogreat success. Tamil Samayal 7. The no. Recipes for South Indian,NorthIndian and continental vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishesinTamil language. More than three thousand recipes. Features:Markyourfavourite recipesFilter and view only your favouriterecipesSearchrecipesSort recipes by NameView in differentfontsChange textsizeUse Menu and use the "Change Font" option ifyou see scrambledTamil font.

Hindi Sabzi Recipes App provides you the collection of bestandvarious types of indian sabzi recipes In Hindi Language. ThisApplication Provides most of Sabzi Recipes describe indifferentcategories. It is a very useful App for cooking lovers aswell asnew cooking learner also. This app will use in your kitchenat anytime. Various list of Sabzi are : 1. Veg kohlapuri 2. Mungdaal 4. Palak mashrum 5.

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Kaju kari 6. Paneer kofta 7. Aloomatur ki sabzi 8. Shahi paneer 9. Kadai paneer We will updatethe todayRasi palan app frequently so if any new features needed,kindlyinform us.

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The Rasi Palan gives you the idea abouthowtoday will be. This is the best future predicting method usedbyancient tamil people. Still majority hindu religion peoplefollowand trust the daily rasipalan.

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Mostly tamilians start theirday orwork by seeing their rasi palan. Now raasipalan is usedintamilnadu, sri lanka, malaysia, singapore, etc wheretamilslive. Rasi palan today available and we are working on nalayarasipalan tamil. Rasi palan Today endraya rasipalan notification will be sent everyday morning and indha vararasipalan will be sent starting of every week. Intha matha rasipalanin tamil will be sent every month.

Rasi palan today updatesfor allrasi mesham, rishabam, mithunam, kadagam, simmam, kanni,thulam,vrischikam, danush, makaram, kumbam, meenam. VilambiHoroscope Tamil Newyear Rasipalan has been newlyupdated. We giveupdates everyday at 6 am.